Prior to accepting my current position, I had the pleasure of working with LaMonica on a number of projects almost continuously for five years. In the most recent assignment, LaMonica was called upon to exercise considerable organizational and management skills. We were involved in the corporate reorganization of a major petroleum company. LaMonica was called upon to create large portions of the project plan, and then keep track of its progress. She prepared senior members of the legal staff to present briefings to management. Ultimately, she took over many of those responsibilities. In short, her ability to review, organize and execute complex programs which mix legal and business issues, is beyond compare.

Richard Patterson, Director of Contracts, WHC Energy Services

From the day I hired LaMonica, I knew I was in the right hands. My family law case was handled professionally from the beginning until the end. LaMonica was professional, prepared and accessible. I made the right choice and I highly recommend LaMonica Orr-Love for any family law matter.

Gloria Tennyson, Previous Client

I had the pleasure of working with LaMonica for over two years on a multi-billion dollar commercial litigation matter. It was a high-pressured, fast-paced environment that many found overwhelming. I was consistently impressed with LaMonica’s ability to maintain composure and organization in the face of ever-evolving deadlines and client requests. She developed excellent relationships with both the team she managed, as well as outside counsel. From litigation to project management to consulting, LaMonica’s knowledge, innovation and clarity of vision set her apart from the pack.

Angela Kovach, Project Management Specialist, Deloitte Transactions and Business Analytics LLP

LaMonica Orr-Love represented my family in the administration of my Mother’s estate. My Mother passed away without a will and it proved to be a very emotional and stressful time for my family. LaMonica not only served as the Attorney for the estate but also served as a mediator and source of information for me and my siblings. LaMonica located all of my Mother’s assets, served as a contact for the banks and insurance companies. She ensured that all required documentation was filed on time and handled fairly. I would recommend LaMonica to handle any type of complex estate, she is extremely responsive and professional.

Natasha Matthews, Previous Client

I have worked with LaMonica for over six years and can enthusiastically vouch for her professionalism and expertise. She excels as a leader and working with teams. For anyone who has ever worked with LaMonica, it becomes quickly clear that she is bright, creative, cares deeply about her work, and will go above and beyond to satisfy her clients. LaMonica has solved problems large and small for industry leading companies and I earnestly endorse her both personally and professionally.

Will Kennedy, Project Manager, DTI Global Solutions