Attorney LaMonica Love bills most services on an hourly-rate. As a convenience, the following packages are offered as a flat-rate service:

Small Business Starter Package

  • Name Search of Entity (in Texas)
  • New Business Checklist
  • Register to Serve as Registered Agent in the State of Texas (2 years) 
  • Certificate of Formation Application (Corporations and LLC Only) – filling fee included
  • Drafting of Company Agreement or applicable Vendor Agreement
  • Secure Federal TAX ID (EIN)
  • 1 – One Hour Consultation or 2 – Thirty minute consultations in your first year of business.

501 (c)3 Nonprofit Starter Package

  • Form Texas Non-Profit 
  • Filing of IRS Form 1023EZ
  • Financial Value Donor Template
  • Drafting of Conflict-of-Interest Policy
  • Projected Revenue and Expenses Statement Template (3 years)
  • Drafting of By-Laws 
  • Sponsorship Template 
  • Board Meeting Template 
  • Bank Resolution Template
  • Register to Serve as Registered Agent in the State of Texas 

Estate Planning Package

  • Last Will and Testament 
  • Medical Power of Attorney 
  • General Durable Power of Attorney 
  • Advance Directive 
  • HIPAA Release

Note: The above fee schedule is for estate planning services involving non-taxable estates. These fees are only an estimate and may vary depending on the complexity of your unique circumstances. For example, if you have significant assets, a child with special needs, a blended family, or would like to utilize trusts, the fee will be higher. Additionally, detailed, unusual, or complex requests may increase the cost of your plan.