When LaMonica Love sees something is missing in the industry, she creates it.

LaMonica founded The Love Law Group And Consulting Services, PLLC and provides top-notch legal services and business solutions to over 1,800 clients including start-ups, small/medium sized businesses and Fortune 100 Companies. The Love Law Group’s practice areas include business planning and management, commercial transactions, mergers and acquisitions, risk-management, intellectual property and corporate governance and formation. The Love Law Group designs, develops, and delivers multi-dimensional, cross-functional solutions to clients, bringing together strategy, business process design and organizational design, as well as change management. The Love Law Group speaks the language of your business and our services foster productivity, collaboration and deliver effective results. Our goal is to ensure that your policies and legal documents mirror your processes which will increase productivity, mitigate risks and reduce costs.

LaMonica Orr-Love is a licensed attorney and business management consultant with a track record of strategic thinking and effective leadership. For over thirteen years, she has dedicated her career to fighting for successful results for her clients and providing top-notch legal services and business solutions. LaMonica previously worked as a corporate attorney and business management consultant for two Fortune 500 companies, representing those companies in corporate multi-million-dollar transactions, including overseeing the corporate restructuring of multi-billion dollar assets in the Gulf of Mexico.  LaMonica strives to earn and maintain the trust of all clients by being accessible, cost-effective, honest and responsive. She has built a reputation of working hard to ensure the best possible outcome for each and every client.